Steve Bandoma, Congolese visual artist

– Steve Bandoma, African Arts Institute (AFAI, 2010)

The following post was originally published on the ‘African Contemporary Art Now‘  Wordpress site (15.09.2014) and introduces Congolese visual artist Steve Bandoma (b. 1981) – a graduate in Fine Arts from Kinshasa, whose portfolio of work  presents a powerful critique on key issues relating to post-colonial contemporary African politics.

Blog post: Steve Bandoma, Congolese visual artist.

“Bandoma combines acrylic, watercolour, felt-tip pen, ink, and collage, often on handmade paper to give these works a tangible energy… Inspired by the chaos of daily life and the fast-moving media that make up Kinshasa’s street culture, the artist’s aesthetic approach and choice of materials reflect a dynamism in new artistic trends stemming from Africa.”
– Source: Jack Bell Gallery (London, UK, 2012)

A more detailed artist’s biography and an additional selection of digitized gallery images also feature on the overview page about Steve Bandoma, published by Jack Bell Gallery.

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Carol Dixon

Carol Ann Dixon is an education consultant and academic researcher interested in African and Caribbean diaspora histories and heritage, cultural geography, museology and contemporary visual art. Her PhD dissertation/doctoral thesis is titled "The 'othering' of Africa and its diasporas in Western museum practices" (University of Sheffield, UK, 2016).

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